Trays, soap dishes...

A piece you wish to revive? A complete creation from scratch?

I´m painting any wood support and/or shape.
During the process, I will hand paint the wood with Acrylic colors, followed by a high shiny epozy resin that protects against liquids and scratches, and enhances colors with watery effect!

It is an experience of patience and fun to finish those pieces… the end process with resin is quite a satifying one, when seeing the colors getting enhanced and satured, but a delicate step to get a regular and neat glazing. 

The final result is those very vibrant colors and 3D effect,  and offers different variations depending on the lighting around. 

Tray Clown fishes

In the bathroom too!  Colorfuls sea dudes uplifting your mood on a rainy (or sunny!) morning 🙂 

Water resistant bamboo glazed pieces.