Indulge yourself with peaceful designs full of colors, lifting up your spirits and bringing a unique touch of decoration.

I paint plain wood pieces and apply a high-shiny resin, resistant to liquids and scratches. The base can be a raw wood slice but I also use bamboo coasters. 

I can customize pieces as per your wishes: color of water, fishes, seaweeds, … Can also be paired with a matching tray (have a look at the tray section in Woodworks :)) … Anything is doable.

Don´t hesitate to check the pieces available and ask me for any special project you may have, it will be my pleasure to work on it !

These are tg¡he bamboo acrylic hand-painted coasters, with Epoxy resin glazing,

Those coasters are made of raw wood slides, acrylic hand painted, and glazed with Epoxy resin.