About Me

Hello, thank you for taking the time to discover my world.

My name is Carole. I´m a French self-taught painter living in Madrid. I´m passionate about art in general, and drawing in particular, this activity has always been part of my life, wherever I have been in the world. 

I have lived in 3 continents, from my native France, then to Quebec, Singapore and now Spain. So many different faces and landscapes I have seen and that always triggered my passion for painting. The common link in my paintings is the light. I strive to capture it under its various forms, to make it an element of life, well-being, peace and spiritual enrichment. I have explored various themes, always being driven by the emotion and state of mind of a given moment or place.

Painting is a mean of expressing my emotions, a source of balance and serenity.
Each painting is a journey: my idea corresponds to my initial emotional state, and will evolve during creation. The end point only exists when I feel in harmony with the painting. I hope that its spectator will feel, by looking at it, a well-being similar to the one I experience in front of a work I feel proud and responsible of.

I have experimented different techniques (pastels, painting …), and any medium becomes a creative playground (canvas, clay, furniture, walls …). 

For several years, I have been working on the theme of the sea and water as an element and source of well-being. This website is dedicated to Sea and Ocean. 

Each seascape I present contains only water, no other element. I work on transcribing its purity, its movements and its brilliance.

Sea creatures are a tribute to their vibrant diversity and beauty.

The symbolism of the sea as a natural element and source of life that we must respect and preserve, is also very dear to me. I humbly wish to pay tribute to this wonder that nature has lent us.

Happy dive,