These pieces are composed of painted background and the scene is 3D with clay insertions.

I have made clay fishes from scratch, painted and glazed them. Each has been done manually. Fishscales are made with a special round knife and eyes with beads. Each fish is around 5cm long. 

I have then composed the marine landscapes with glueing the fishes on plain wood planks that I had painted with Acrylic colors. 

For the final touch, some of the pieces you can see below, such as Vertigo and Kois Kois Kois have been glazed. 

I have kept Gold Vertigo ´´raw´´ to enhance the wood texture of the support that can see-through the paint. 

Clay fishes before assembling on board to build Gold Vertigo. More than 400 fishes are inserted into this piece presented below.

Painting of the Gold Vertigo background.

Blue Vertigo

120X120cm. Acrylic on wood and 3D fishes. Glazed. Vibrant fishes in seaweeds.

Gold Vertigo

120X120cm. Acrylic on wood and 3D fishes. Gold (+ 2 red!) fishes.

Kois Kois Kois!

150X50cm. Acrylic on wood and 3D fishes. Nenuphar leaves made of hand painted paper. Glazed. Japanese inspired scene with mini kois.